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Pocket $5,000 while Keeping your Belly Full

Cash in on Good Health!

Here’s a head scratcher: What has the potential to improve your overall health and boost your annual cash flow by nearly $5,000? 

Simple changes in food choices and spending behaviors.* 

Save $3/day by skipping one alcohol, snack or fast food item: Weekly Savings: $21 Annual Savings: $1,092

Reduce the number of meals away from home by 2: Weekly Savings: $40 Annual Savings: $2,080

Pack your lunch 2x instead of buying out: Weekly Savings: $25 Annual Savings: $1,300

These 3 tips alone can save you $86/week and a whopping $4,472/year!

Now that’s a nice end-of-year bonus! Which new ways will you cash in on your good health?


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