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Fruits and Nuts
Fruits and Nuts

My Go To's

I love sharing. It's why I started Little Lady Muscles. I am constantly researching to find the best of the best in every category; partly for the thrill, partly my perfectionism in play, and more importantly for living the Best Life.

So here's a one stop spot where you can find all of my faves from clean beauty to holistic health, business to books, eco-friendly home to natural living, and much more. Consider this your go-to resource for the best of the best in life, health, business, and mindset.

While this hunt is always a work in progress, much like myself, here is my current list. Check back for updates and recommendations.


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Disclosure: I share products that I recommend and sometimes those products or services may have affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission for sharing with you.  This comes at no additional cost to you and comes directly from the company. With that disclosure said - rest assured I only recommend products and companies I personally believe align with the mission, values, and focuses of Little Lady Muscles.

🎵"These are a few of my favorite things..."🎶

Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish

Clean Beauty Stars

Thrive Clean Beauty

Vegan, 100% cruelty-free formulas containing proven ingredients without the use of parabens or sulfates. They also make a donation for every purchase made!

Use the link below for $15 OFF your first order.

Kitchen, Food and Pet

Honest Kitchen Pet Food

Human Grade Pet Food. No fillers, no junk, only the best for the pups!



Cure Hydration Electrolytes

The cleanest ingredient electrolytes! I use these after an intense workout where I sweated a lot, or after a night of drinking.

Use code LITTLELADY20 FOR 20% OFF.




Discover the best plastic swaps, reduce waste, and help save our planet. The best sustainable subscription box around, curated and delivered to you.

Sustainable Home

Natural Supplements Medicine Cabinet

This will take you to my Amazon storefront where I save my favorite supplements for easy ordering, and if you order to the monthly subscribe and save Amazon gives you a monthly discount.


for 20% off

Organic CBD

Joy Organics Collection Image.jpg

Healthy Hair Care

Book Faves

Image by Olga Tutunaru

We are all limited by our own experiences. Books are a greay way to expand our limited views and grow. Here is a list of my top picks, but I am always readig so this list is growing along with me.

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