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Empowering YOU to grow; Wealth, Health and Soul.

I believe that everyone holds the power to live an EXTRAordinary life. I believe that regardless of your story, your background, your education, your age, your finances, your advantages or disadvantages, you don’t have to settle for ordinary. I believe we have been graciously given the tools, the resources and the promise to not just live life, but to live an ABUNDANT life. Will you choose to take action and accept it? Will you choose to thrive or merely exist? Let's choose to grow together!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have Life and have it Abundantly. - Jesus” John 10:10


The relentless pursuit of financial freedom and living a life of abundance. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to reach financial freedom. Freedom to live the life you dream of whether that’s simply or lavishly. I believe that money is a gift to share with others; an opportunity to give generously. I believe that a financial education can impact a person’s life for the better. I believe that everyone needs a financial coach to identify their strengths and weaknesses. My mission is to help educate as many people as I can so that they can properly plan for their futures, protect their wealth, and support their families to the best of their ability. I want to empower YOU to take control of their finances.

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The relentless pursuit of smart eating and practical fitness to support an abundant life. I believe that our body is a temple so what we put in it is not only fuel to the body, but fuel to the soul. My mission is to share the wealth of health knowledge I’ve gained over the years. This life is not a fairy tale; these are my personal habits, foods, recipes, tips and tricks. A simple life is not a boring life. And, a healthy body is not a deprived appetite. The goal is not duplicating my footprint, but rather moving to a rhythm that stirs your own soul. My mission is to empower YOU to feel confident that you too can nourish a wholesome well being.

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The relentless pursuit of becoming the best version of myself so that I can be the best for those around me. I believe that pushing oneself out of one's comfort zone to grow physically and mentally is a never ending learning process. I believe in failure because failure means you tried and didn’t allow fear to stop you from moving forward. I believe in taking actions so that dreams turn into realities not just wishes. I believe that your thoughts determine your outcome, and that the health of your mindset is just as important as the health of your body. I believe there is greatness inside each one of us and that we only limit ourselves. My mission is to empower YOU to tap into your greatness, and to stop dreaming and start living your abundant life.