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My Friday Advice to Myself..

As, I was packing for my trip this morning, I thought to myself - what is my intent for this trip? How do I get the most out of it? How do I enjoy the most out of the people I will be with? What can I do to make sure this is the best trip ever?

Working from home or owning your own business has its benefits. I'm definitely not complaining, I rejoice in that, and wake up stress free most days. But, knowing when to end my day or when to unplug from my laptop or phone is challenging. The work never ends right? And, important things or people can unintentionally get neglected.

When was the last time you went on vacation and didn’t even think about work? If you’re like most people, it probably seems like forever ago. Here’s an idea. Try turning off your mobile phone for ONE day even if you don't get a chance to get out of town this summer. Unplug from the world of technology and social media; sit in every conversation, hear every bird chirp, observe every cloud moving, smell every flower, and free yourself from obligation. How different would your day look? What would you do to rest?  Who would you spend it with? Pick a day this week to "vacation". Don't over think it, just put down your phone and LIVE in the present.

If you accept this challenge I would love to hear about it!


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