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Is CBD worth the hype?

CBD has risen in popularity, you can find it easily online, you can find it mixed in skincare products, you can find it infused in your coffee, you can buy it for your pet, the variety of uses is growing by the day. Is CBD right for you? Let’s chat about what it is and how it may benefit you.

Here are some of the proclaimed health benefits it may help with:

· Learning and Memory

· Sleep

· Mood

· Appetite

· Inflammation

· Pain

· Stress

· Post Workout Recovery

· Muscle and Joint Relief

What exactly is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a chemical compound from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD has generally been associated with marijuana. However, CBD can be isolated and sold so that it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), making it non-psychoactive. Essentially it won’t produce the “high”. It has the upside without the “downside”. CBD has a wide appeal to those seeking an alternative to pharmaceuticals or for those interested in more natural remedies to health concerns.

How CBD works!

Did you know there is a system in your body that regulates and controls several bodily functions called the endocannabinoid system? aka ECS. The cannabinoid receptors in the brain, body, organs, cells, and tissues are called the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors mainly express in the central nervous system helping control the level of activity up or down for most neurotransmitters. CB2 receptors express through the central nervous system at lower levels and also express in the peripheral nervous system helping control our immune functions.

Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are very similar in molecular structure to endocannabinoids found throughout the body and brain. When the ECS is functioning we experience balance, when it’s not optimal, the body releases its own endocannabinoids to bring the body back to balance. It basically triggers the receptors to produce endocannabinoid molecules in our body. This is how the benefits of CBD are theorized to help. If you are out of balance and perhaps at a deficiency in producing your own endocannabinoids then taking the cannabinoids in CBD may help influence the receptors.

CBD is the most recognized cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant to assist our bodies in maintaining homeostasis and is commonly associated with its calming abilities. CBN is the cannabinoid that has a potential sedative effect thus popular as a sleep aid. CBC binds to the ECS as well as other receptor sites which are linked to pain perception, so it’s believed to help alleviate. CBG works by binding to ECS receptors which is believed to strengthen the neurotransmitter anandamide which plays a key role in enhancing energy, pleasure and motivation.

With that said CBD is not going to cure you, think of it more like a supplement, it’s going to help fill in the gaps of any possible deficiencies. Even though CBD has become very popular and mainstream I do want to add that there is still a lot of research being done to further explore the effects and benefits of CBD use and its influence on the ECS. The interactions are pretty complex and are still being studied so be cautious of claims and the interpretation of data; do your due diligence.

What to look for in a quality CBD product:

· Third Party Lab Verified

· GMP Certification

· Organic Certification

· Green Extraction

· Not Synthetic!

CBD is considered a “natural product” because it is found in nature. However, this is not necessarily true about all CBD products. Did you know that CBD can be made synthetically? There are a lot of options out there and it can be difficult or overwhelming to waft through all the marketing noise. So, I’ll share two of my favorites.

There are two reasons why third party lab testing is important. First, third party labs test for contaminants such as mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Second, there is no FDA regulation on CBD products. You read that right. Third party lab testing is not mandatory, which is why you will find a lot of inexpensive low quality CBD products out on the market.

Why is GMP favorable? Good Manufacturing Practice is a set of standards enforced by the FDA that ensure manufacturers meet specific standards. To receive a GMP certification, the company must adhere to strict guidelines and protocols for the production process from start to finish. It is a requirement in some industries, but not CBD, so any company that makes the effort to obtain this certification really cares about their quality and is going one step above third party testing.

A trusted Organic CBD Company

I was thrilled when I found Joy Organics! Their CBD has no dyes, heavy metals or pesticides and is grown and made in the USA. They offer broad and full spectrum CBD products. They even offer a tincture with THC. For their CBD line they offer it in the form of tinctures or soft gel capsules. The tincture does have a slight earthy aftertaste, which is typical of a CBD tincture. Tinctures are great if you don’t like to swallow pills. Soft gels are a great option if you don’t like the aftertaste of tinctures. It is all preference; I am a fan of soft gels.

The Joy Organics soft gels use a water soluble nano-emulsion technology, shown to increase bio-availability up to 200% over an oil-based CBD product. They offer three options for their CBD soft gels; CBD only, or CBD and Melatonin for sleep, or CBD and Curcumin for additional anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from soft gels, Joy Organics offers a line of USDA Certified Organic CBD products and also pet CBD! I plan to try their CBD gummies next. Not all of their products are organic, but they are making efforts to transition more of their products to organic offerings. Currently, they do offer full and broad spectrum Organic tinctures and Organic topical salves!

I reached out and they were kind enough to provide you all with a 20% off discount code: KYRSTY

My other favorite CBD line is from Nuleaf Naturals. Their organic hemp plants are grown in Colorado with pristine rocky mountain water. They use third party lab testing. They also confirm that the potency of each product matches what is listed on the label.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD goes an extra step above this and is GMP certified. They are also certified by Detox Project, ISO, and a Certified B Corp! As a Certified B Corp they meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

NuLeaf Naturals offers soft gels or tinctures in full spectrum CBD, CBN, CBC, or CBG at three different strength levels. They also offer a multicannaboid full spectrum tincture with all four essential cannabinoids.

Final Verdict is CBD worth the hype?

From personal experience, I think it has its place along with my other supplements in my natural medicine cabinet. I enjoy the upside without any real downside. I am curious to see where research takes us since it's still pretty "young" in that sense. And kudos to companies like Joy Organics and Nuleaf Naturals who go the extra mile and extra dollar to ensure the quality is top notch.

Want more info and research on CBD? Check out these resources:


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