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5 Unconventional Ways to Move your Body

Ways to move at home office movement tips
Stay Home Quarantine Workout Move Tips

I have been trying to remain optimistic by thinking of this quarantine as a time of GAINING not loss. We are not losing time at work, we are gaining time to grow our business in ways we can’t when we are normally busy running it. We are not losing socialization time, we are gaining time authentically bonding with those in our home (or through zoom :) ). We are not losing out on eating out, we are gaining awareness around the food we really need to sustain us. What are you GAINING during this quarantine? Here are a few ways you can gain MOVEMENT...

1. Call Walks - We seem to be on the phone more than usual. This is an easy way to cue yourself. When you receive a call, stand up and walk around your home while on the call.

2. Pushups before Snacking - So we have heard about pushups or exercises while watching TV. But, this is taking it to the next level. Right now snacking seems to be out of convenience in conjunction with your proximity to your kitchen. You are likely not even hungry; you are either unconsciously working or bored. A useful cue is whenever you are reaching for a snack you have to do 10 pushups. You move from unconsciously snacking to consciously moving. 

3. Perform One House Chore a Day - Did you know house chores burn more calories than walking? Well, don’t overdo it in one day or you’ll never want to clean again. You could try challenging yourself by setting your alarm. For example 2pm Physical Clean Up time. Monday kitchen oven, Tuesday bathtub, etc. You could also use this time to organize closets or the garage, which counts for Physical Clean Up Time.

4. Movement Stacking - This is based on habit stacking. The idea is to implement a new habit during a time you already doing a habitual habit. Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes? Squat it out. Cooking and keeping an eye on your food while cooking? Do Jumping Jacks or High Knees for low impact. Watching TV? Rep out some ab exercises. Try some form of movement WHILE doing something you already normally do in your routine.

5. Create a “permanent” workout space - Leave an exercise mat (shameless plug here is one I proudly sell on Amazon) dumbbell weights, books, water bottles, bands, any home workout equipment you have in one area of your home. Make it as easy as possible for yourself to workout without excuses. Create a space you will feel happy and motivated to workout in. Do you like to feel “pumped”? Try adding a mirror to watch your form, and speakers for music. Do you like to feel at peace and zen? Try adding candles or an essential oil diffuser. Create a space you are proud of and that serves you.

Which movement will you try?!

Kid Bonus

If you have kids who are going stir crazy or you are finding it difficult to come up with a million creative ways to keep them busy, Active Home, is a great resource. They have everything from social distancing activities to physical activities at home.


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