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Gluten & Grain Free Crepes



Puree in processor or hand mixer. Unfortunately if you try to just mix with a fork, you may not get the consistency thin enough for a crepe texture. Coat griddle or nonstick pan in coconut oil. Pour batter slowly and use the pan handle to swirl and spread the batter out quickly. Try to do this immediately as you pour before the batter sets on the pan. If it is too thick it will be more pancake like. The thinner the better. Wait a couple minutes until the body cooks thoroughly, be patient, it will bubble, but let it cook. When all edges start to turn golden, carefully move your spatula underneath and around it. When you have ensured that nothing is stuck to the pan, lift one side with the spatula, and use your hand to guide the flip over. Because you were patient with allowing the first side to cook, this opposite side will only take about 30 seconds to cook.

I was so pleased with these, and I hope you are too. I made some whipped coconut cream with stevia drops, added some ceylon cinnamon, and blueberries, and I could not tell the difference! Tasted like the real deal. I hope you too are pleased and find creative ways to use these. They hold up pretty well, and can fold like a taco...just saying!


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