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2 Habits I'm Working on this Year

This year I will not be the person I don't want to be...I will become the person I need to be to accomplish what I want to achieve...

I may not have resolutions per say, but I always set new goals to not only challenge myself, but to improve in all areas of my life. A close loved one and I were chatting the other day about the current book we are reading, and he said he was challenging himself to 15 books this year. I decided to take on the same challenge because of the value and benefit that it will result in. And, by setting a hard number on my goal I provide myself with accountability and a target, not just a vague wish of "reading more". One book every 3-4 weeks provides me a road map to actually reaching my goal of 15 and not just dreaming my goal.

CNBC uncovered several habits and traits that are common among wealthy individuals. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all hard work. They found that Wealthy people tend to read – a lot – and continue learning through reading.¹ Your schedule may not allow for as much reading time as the average billionaire – maybe just 15 or 30 minutes a day is a good short-term goal – but expanding your knowledge and broadening your perspectives will positively impact all areas of life.

Another thing wealthy people do? Wake up early. This may help you find that extra 15 minutes for reading. You’ll get more done in general if you get up a little earlier, and win your morning. A 5-year study of self-made millionaires revealed that nearly 50% of this industrious group woke up at least 3 hours before their work day started.² Personally, I am not a morning person, even after I have had my first cup of coffee. However, waking up early is a hard habit I see in every successful person I admire. So, it is an area I am constantly working to improve, and there are days I fail. 

Combining these two goals is the perfect combination because waking up an extra 15 or 30 min earlier will allow me the time to read and grow into the person I want to be. 

Making these healthy habits a part of my regular routine might take some time and effort, but often success is about the mindset we choose to have. If you stay the course and learn from those who’ve been where you are, you can experience the difference that good habits can make as you keep moving toward the best version of your self. What are two habits you are committing to work on this year?


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