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I believe that each one of us holds the power to choose our Health. After experiencing multiple digestive issues and allergies I decided I no longer wanted to treat the symptoms, pop a pill or rely on pharmaceuticals drugs for life. I wanted to get to the root of the problem and heal my body.


I share this  journey because so often health problems are embarrassing and go untalked about or are brushed off as "normal". I hope this encourages you to believe you are worth the healing. And, I believe you will not just come out healthier, but stronger, happier, and empowered to live an abundant life.


Sometimes I keep it simple and sometimes I let to get a little creative in the kitchen just for fun.

There is also a Recipe Tab on Main Menu for those who prefer the written form.

For video check out my YouTube channel. And, be sure to subscribe to my blog for Recipe updates to your inbox!


I do not believe that the fitness industry is the health industry. But I do believe you can achieve fitness goals with healthy choices. 

I chose this journey as a personal challenge, but strongly believe you do NOT need to go to these extremes in order to achieve a health fit body.