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'No Added Sugar' Challenge

I experimented with a No Added Sugar Challenge!

I invite you join this challenge and surprise yourself how much learning about nutrition can empower you to make healthier decisions and impact positive results.

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No Added Sugar Challenge

No Added Sugar Challenge
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The Challenge Explained

The Challenge Explained

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How to Read your Labels

How to Read your Labels

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Your Journey, Your Self Reflection

Your Journey, Your Self Reflection

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Let's Practice Reading a Label!

Food Item Analysis

How many serving sizes does your product contain? 22

How many calories per serving size does your product have? 110 calories

How g of carbohydrates does your product contain? 15g carbohydrates

How g of sugar does your product contain? 9 g Added sugar

List the added sugar on the label: Sugar, Brown Rice Syrup, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Coconut Sugar


Do you think you are consuming too much sugar just from one product? There isn’t necessarily a lot of sugar in one cookie; below 10g. However, the total amount of sugar is 100% coming from processed sugar. None of it is naturally occurring which could be concerning. Since my palette isn’t used to too much sugar, they taste pretty rich and I can barely even finish one cookie. I wouldn’t purchase these again. But, if someone were to consume more than 1 cookie then the sugar would double quite quickly.

Food Swap 1


I eliminated Kettle Jalapeno Chips for Green Plantain Chips. There is no added sugar and only three ingredients comparatively.


Wow! There is a lot of junk in chips. Who would've thought a potato chip wasn't just a potato chip? Ha! Plain potato chips are also an option, but I prefer the taste of plain plantain chips. They don't taste, well, plain. Plantains chips also help keep me fuller than potato chips. What chip alternative have you tried? 

Chip 1.jpg
Chip 2.jpg
Chips 3.jpg
Chips 4.jpg

Food Swap 2

I loved this week’s swap. It was almost an exact exchange; I did not even miss the original. They were both chicken sausages, the first one had maple syrup and brown sugar, but the new swap had zero sugar, and still tasted great. I will definitely be keeping this swap; there is no reason to go back to the item with sugar when there is such an equivalent substitute.

Sausage 1.jpg
Sausage 2.jpg
Sausage 3.jpg
Sausage 4.jpg

Food Swap 3

This was an easy swap. I have made homemade pasta sauce from scratch that didn’t use any sugar. And, I have also used this week’s canned marinara sauce before. I actually prefer marinara sauce over spaghetti sauce because it is always lower in sugar. I usually choose one that is around 3g. This week was a great reminder that I have a marinara sauce option that uses zero added sugar! I had forgotten about it, but since I was intentionally looking for a swap I was able to revisit this one.

Tip: If you love pasta sauce look for ones in the 5-7g sugar range.

Marinara 1.jpg
Marinara 2.jpg
Marinara 4.jpg
Marinara 5.jpg

Food Swap 4

I like to add sriracha to my chicken for some flavor. Sometimes I mix it with a little avocado oil mayonnaise. It’s a great combination that is a go to so I was a bit reluctant to give it up. Hence, I removed it last. Sriracha has ‘sugar’ in ingredient list so I swapped it with a hot sauce. It was also red chili pepper – the flavor was definitely different, but not in a bad way. I'll be honest and say I wouldn’t consider this a substitute for sriracha, but I would consider using it again as a way to spice up and flavor my chicken.

Hot Sauce 1.jpg
Hot Sauce 2.jpg
Hot Sauce 3.jpg
Hot Sauce 4.jpg

Suggested Reflection Questions

How did I do this week?

How do I feel overall?

Do I notice a change in my energy?

Do i notice a change in my mood?

Am I giving in because I need the food or because I crave it?

Am i giving in because I want the food or because it's a habit?

Am I giving in because it's easier than facing the root reason for why I am not willing or able to give up a food?

Is my sugar addiction a food challenge or a mental challenge?

Why do I think I am unable to overcome sugar addiction?

How healthy is my relationship with food?

Do I dominate food or does food dominate me?

Do I eat because I am hungry or because I am stressed, angry, depressed or complacent?

Can I identify my triggers and put healthy options in place to prepare for those moments?

Three affirmations for why I CAN overcome food challenges are...

Three affirmations for why I AM worth it are...

Affirmation Goal for what I WILL do better next time...

Affirmation Habit for what I WILL do to continue to succeed...

Share with at least one person you trust, and ask them to hold you accountable.

My favorite part about this challenge was being conscious of food that I shop for and pick up. It literally became a habit. I looked up a list of hidden sugar names and was sickened by how many hidden alternative names there are. Most of us are so unaware of what is even in their food it’s a bit astonishing. We may not always win the label game, but we can do our part and try our best.

The Challenge Ends, but the Journey Continues


My second favorite part about this challenge was sharing it with others.
There is nothing better than doing things together! What is life 

spent alone? Lol. Plus, there is no greater accountability then when you

say something out loud. Whether people are cheering you on or

playing the game with you. If you are just starting this challenge, you

are still not alone! You are welcome to collaborate with me on

instagram. I would be so excited to encourage you, provide suggestions,

and listen as you navigate your own health journey.

Overall, I feel great. Mentally, I feel more empowered. Empowered that I

made the choice to eat better foods that nourished my body rather than stripped it. 

I feel more self aware; most of the time I give in not because I absolutely HAVE to have that food, but more out of convenience or because it's accessible at home. So, the easiest self accountability I can choose is to not purchase items that do not benefit my health. I have the power to make these choices. I have the power to change how I feel. I have the power to succeed. I have the power to live a lifestyle where I thrive not just survive.


My "balance" can be eating out where I do not have as much control over the food. I believe in food freedom and not deprivation. So for me, personally, eating out and having some added sugar works, as long as I am not keeping it in the house. Consistency is key. Checking my labels every time I am grocery shopping at first was a chore, but the repetition has created a healthy habit.



Affirmations for why I CAN overcome food challenges..

I control food, food does not control me

I am confident, and do not need food to validate my feelings

I can do anything I set my mind to; I will not limit myself

Affirmations for why I AM worth it..

My health is worth more than wealth, but my health is also wealth because it cashes in on an abundant full life. I have the power to live the best life possible, and health allows me to be at my best for the best. Healthy Choices are always worth it. I am always worth it.

Affirmation Goal for what I WILL do better next time..

Remind myself that I never regret a healthy decision

Affirmation Habit for what I WILL do to continue to succeed..

Always check labels

What are your Affirmations!?

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