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Holistic Holiday Gift Guide for Women 2021

Holistic Holiday Gift Guide for Women 2021

I really enjoy the holidays. I enjoy the lights, the decor, the baking, the tree all creating a magical ambiance. I enjoy the gifts. I enjoy finding that perfect item that reflects my loved one's personality or hobby. I love to see their face light up and their heart warm. I love Christmas! I wanted to put together some ideas for your special lady whether mom, sister, relative, friend, co-worker or even a random act of kindness human. These items all have health and sustainability in mind, and highlight companies who take a more holistic approach to business and products.

1.) Clean Beauty Subscription Box

The gift that keeps on giving! Converting your makeup and skincare to natural products can be quite overwhelming. These boxes are a great way to introduce clean beauty and find new loves to replace all those toxic mainstream brands on the market and in your home. Detox Market is where I started my clean beauty journey. They have strict ingredient standards, but with high expectations of performance.

Check out the Detox Box here.

Another alternative is this GreenUp Box It is a subscription box to the best zero-waste, plastic swaps curated seasonally. If your girl is a tree hugger, animal lover, earth girl like me she will appreciate this box! Check out the GreenUp Box here.

2.) Low EMF Hair Dryer

The Holy grail of hair dryers. This will give you that shiny bouncy I just got my hair done at a salon look.

All hair dryers emit EMF radiation and a good amount. They emit more than your cell phones. So, reducing our exposure to EMF where we can is important.

Elchim is made in Italy. The secret to healthy hair is to eliminate over-heating of hair cuticles so this is why they create their blow dryers with infrared technology to protect hair from getting too hot. It uses an advanced ionic-ceramic system that produces the perfect combo of heat and airflow that seals the hair shaft without over-drying the hair. This closing of the hair cuticle is also what allows drying time to be reduced by 30%!

Faster, healthier, shinier hair plus low EMF! What more could you ask for?

3.) Cork Yoga Mats

I may seem biased, but this mat is straight luxury when it comes to the yoga or fitness world. Its natural neutral color is immediately calming. It’s 5mm thickness is cushiony, but stable. It is slip-resistant and sweat-friendly.

WHY CORK? Cork is made from the outer bark of a cork oak tree; it is not cut down! And it naturally regrows its outer bark. It is also naturally non-toxic - PVC, BPA and Plastic free.

Made by yours truly 😊 Buy it Here on Amazon or Here on my website.

4.) Water Bottle – A water bottle that checks all the boxes. Seems basic, but for something that you use every day all day I was on the hunt for a perfect water bottle, and this is the closest I have found so far.

· Affordable.

· Made of Glass not plastic, BPA free.

· Wide Mouth Removable cap for easy washing, but a spout for easy drinking.

· A whopping 32 ounces so you don’t have to refill as often.

· A silicone sleeve to protect the glass from breaking.

· A removable mixer ball to alternatively use it as a shaker!

5.) Luxury Organic Sheets

The best feeling in the world is crawling into a bed that cuddles you. You may not even know what you are missing until you have experienced luxury sheets. But luxury sheets are not hard to find. The challenge is luxury sheets with a holistic standard! Most sheets are treated with chemicals and are highly processed, and then you go to bed and rub these chemical sheets all over your body every night. Yikes. Coyuchi goes a step above just organic or OEKO certification and offers GOTS certification products. GOTS organic cotton is Fair Trade and grown without toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. It uses sustainable farming methods such as crop rotation, longer growing periods, and hand-picking.

6.) Hair Savior Pillowcases If sheets seem like too much of a splurge for your budget, luxury pillowcases are a great alternative! And these pillowcases are not your ordinary pillowcase. Enter silk pillowcases.

Silk comes from the cocoon of silkworms. It is the only naturally occurring filament fiber, which means its threads are continuous and do not need to be stitched together creating an incredibly smooth surface. A smooth surface is helpful to prevent wrinkles and sleep creases on the face. A smooth surface also reduces friction and tugging so fewer tangles and breakage compared to traditional pillowcases. Aka less frizz! The smooth surface doesn't absorb moisture like traditional cotton pillowcases. This means it can help your face retain moisture from products and natural oils, and your hair also stays more hydrated which reduces “bed head.” Silk also regulates temperature well so no unnecessary flipping of the pillow in the middle of the night to stay cool.

If you are vegan then satin is an alternative, but it doesn’t have all the same benefits. It does not regulate temperature and can be super hot. However, it does help with frizz and is much cheaper. I try to limit my polyester (since it is made from petroleum) so I personally would not recommend it from an eco-friendly or health standpoint. I understand beliefs around animals and respect that so for a vegan alternative I love Ettitude – they offer bamboo lyocell pillowcases with similar benefits to silk, while still being eco-friendly! I use Ettitidue as my travel pillowcase.

7.) A Hotel Spa Bath Robe – I think every woman secretly wants to steal a robe from a high-end hotel and take it home. Ha! No? Just me? Inspired by Turkish terry towels, this bathrobe begins with the same long-staple cotton, loomed into single loops that feel thick and plush, yet lofty. It is super cozy and has pockets! A quality bathrobe is a great gift because it’s not something a woman would normally splurge and buy for herself, so surprise her and see her glow up.

Made Trade is a family-owned, ethical, sustainable shop that I am obsessed with. Every Made Trade order is 100% carbon neutral. 1% of every purchase is donated to an environmental non-profit. Made Trade only curates USA made brands who pay fair and living wages to their makers; provide safe and healthy working conditions; source materials locally wherever possible; prioritize sustainable growth for their business and implement eco-friendly practices.

8.) Inspiring Cards There is so much power in words, power in our thoughts, and by constantly washing them in truth and affirmations we can rewire our brain to a new default. There is also nothing like your loved ones' belief in you. These cards are such a simple, but an impactful reminder of how special she is every damn day and how much you believe in her.

9.) Make Up Towels that Last - Say goodnight to makeup stains and mascara marks. These are made of 100% premium Turkish cotton. This set of black towels are designed for eco-friendly, unfussy makeup removal. Gentle enough to be used with or without a cleanser. Parachute produces products with an Oeko-Tex certification meaning they are safely made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics. You can feel safe rubbing these towels all over her pretty face! This is also where I buy my plush bathroom towels.

10.) A customized curated self-care box. I wanted to end this by offering some Self Care Time products. Fill your cup and you can overflow and show up for others at your best. Women are great at juggling kids, work, partnership, laundry, cleaning, meals, and so much more. They often feel guilty about investing or spending time on themselves. Let them it’s okay to take care of themselves and gift them items that encourage self-care. You can pick a few below and put a little basket or box together. It’s thoughtful and personalized!

Dry Brush- A dry brush exfoliates but also stimulates blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage in the tissue. It is like a detox for the skin.

Relaxation Essential Oil with Organic Case for aromatherapy to be used with a diffuser.

A high quality diffuser - Made of ceramic not plastic. This diffuser is designed to diffuse essential oils throughout the day while preserving the oil’s natural properties with ultrasonic vibrations—no heating or burning.

Happy Holistic Holiday Shopping!

*Disclosure: This blog is reader-supported. This post may contain affiliate links that come at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission from the company. However, I only recommend and vet products that align with the values of this blog, and affiliate with companies and products I believe in and support.

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