Heat Stable.


Safe for cooking at high temperatures.

Fats are essential to health. That means your body needs them to survive and maintain health!

Heat Stable.

Quality Sourced.

Did you know frying can be healthy if the right oil is used? 

Fry up!

CA grown not Imported to ensure quality. 

Olive oils are very delicate. Easily oxidized. Heat sensitive.

Do not cook at high temperatures!! 

They are made for drizzle and dressings.

Also, posted on my supplement page. 

Take daily for optimal health!

See supplement section.

Heat Stable.


Safe for cooking at high temperatures.

Also, good for dressings .

Marinade, drizzle, grill or fry!

Grass Fed.



Lactose Friendly.

Lactose is removed and you receive all the wonderful nutrient dense benefits of butter!

BEEF,              LAMB,             DUCK,       and             GOOSE! 


Always change up the variety of your Healthy Fats-

Each provide their very own unique nutrients!

*Note Lard is also an option,

but please take caution.

Pigs are bottom feeders and

the pork industry has poor quality

standards in place.

Be sure it's of quality.

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